, the map-based catalog of projects for the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts program has been retired.


In its 30-year history, Mural Arts has created thousands of works of public art. For much of its early history, record keeping was poor. The MuralFarm database reflected those inconsistencies and errors. A sizable percentage of our records lacked key information like title, artist, or address.

The data that we present needs to meet a minimum standard and the data we presented on didn't meet that standard.

At Mural Arts, we're exploring our options. The long-term goal is to launch a new public application with as complete a record of our history as possible. What it will look like and the timeline for implementation is a work in progress.

In the meantime, you can download a KMZ file of legacy MuralFarm data at this link and visit our main website at Thank you.